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Let's unravel our all-new HTD Model

In addition to essential technical skills such as artificial intelligence, software implementation, cybersecurity, data science, automation, and exceptional technical expertise, IT enterprises also prioritize soft skills as prerequisites. Fixity addresses this staffing concern with its innovative Hire, Train, Deploy model. Let’s explore this three-level screening model in detail.



At the first level, we conduct interviews and shortlist candidates to pinpoint the exact talent the client needs. This screening process filters out the best candidates who match the client’s requirements.

We have partnered with hundreds of government and private colleges in India to select the top candidates from the IT sector. By utilizing innovative assessment and profiling tools and techniques, we ensure that only the best candidates are chosen to meet the client’s needs.

We have a decade of training expertise


After identifying the top candidates in the computer science field, the next step is to train them. We obtain the specific skill requirements from the client and train the shortlisted candidates accordingly. Here are some of the technical skill sets in which we hold expertise:

We also train these candidates in essential soft skills. Our training experts, who bring a decade of invaluable experience, are equipped to provide experiential learning to the candidates.

The final decision is collaborative and the client has the final say


At the first level, we conduct interviews and shortlist candidates to precisely match the client’s needs. This screening process helps filter out the best candidates who meet the client’s requirements.

After completing the training, candidates are fully prepared for the project’s technical requirements. The client then conducts the final assessment of these candidates. Due to the rigorous training, the margin for error is minimal, resulting in a low bounce rate.

To ensure precision in achieving the client’s targets, we also train an additional 20% of candidates as buffers. This approach provides a broader and more accurate selection of candidates.

For deployment, we offer three main engagement models.

Contract Staffing for limited support

We offer hiring for skilled candidates on a contrect oasis. We stick to the specific rising contractual terms and fulfill the client Mining & storing requirements with efficacy

Contract to hire staffing for specific support

We cater to our clients' unique needs by providing short-term hiring assistance and meeting seasonal or temporary hiring requirements. Temporarily hired employees can be transitioned to permanent positions at the client's discretion.

Permanent staffing for long-term support

We utilize systematic research methods and conduct in-depth analyses to hire the best and most exceptional talent for our clients.

A Revolutionary Recruitment Model For Comprehensive IT Staffing Support

The Fixity HTD Model adds value to your enterprise by providing a cost-effective solution with no investment required in hiring a team. It guarantees you trained and skilled professionals.

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